During a recent tarot tea salon I held, I shared the method of working through the Tree of Life during a 100-day period and got a lot of positive feedback, so I was going to share it here as well. Not only is it a wonderful self-help (and shadow work) tool very appropriate for the autumn evenings, it is also a very good opportunity to rethink all the Minors for yourself.

I use the Tree of Life excessively in my Tarot practice, from tiny rituals to relevant ones. When I feel the need to “cleanse” one deck or another, I simply lay them out in a Tree of Life, with the Minors on the sephiroth and the Majors as the paths. It really does get rid of all the energies that make your cards “sticky”, and helps them to reorganize themselves. If you can do it with a Tarot deck, why not yourself?

Be warned, though! This is a magical process and the effect of the sephiroth will be very strongly felt. I remember fearing the Geburah phase and took it lightly on the 10th and final day, thinking phew, I made it! That same day, over lunch, I lost my job, and was forced to quit the other.

It is also extremely important you follow through. This is, after all, pretty much a spell so if you don’t keep going, you will be stuck in one sphere or the other – like Jumanji. You need to finish the game or you will keep Robin Williams stuck in a jungle for 26 years – and who wants that, really?

The basic process 

Good news is, the basic process is really quite simple. Just pick a day when you want to begin and declare it. This day will be the first of your ten 10-day periods. Now take your journal (I recommend something you use daily or something that can ping you when a new phase starts, such as Google Calendar or the likes. Or take a small calendar card and highlight all the 10-day periods in a different colour.

Why 10 times 10 days? This is to understand that within every sphere (sephiroth), there is actually another Tree of Life – and in every day, another ToL, and in every hour, a ToL etc… It is very important to understand this fractality. So when you are in 8 Hod, for example, you are still going through 1-10 within your ten day period in Hod.

During this time, the sephiroth and their correspondences will manifest in your life. Some of these manifestations can be quite hard to take.

The Not-so Basic Process 

What you do during these 100 days, is largely up to you. The important thing is to work through all the different sephiroth, so pick the way most appropriate to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Meditate through the corresponding Minors on 4 days of the 10
  • Meditate on the corresponding planet
  • Journal about your experience daily
  • Pathwork into the corresponding cards
  • Pathwork into the sephiroth themselves
  • Analyze the differing dreams you might have
  • Bring more of the sephiroth’s colour into your life (redecorate temporarily, use blankets or curtains, wear that colour clothes, change your computer screensaver or phone case etc)
  • Say a blessing or a prayer every night which you yourself devise about what this process has taught you

The main goal is to get a better understanding of the Tree of Life, so make sure you work plenty with the different correspondences. Very good overview of correspondences can be found HERE (Thelemapedia)

Start your journey in Malkuth 

I don’t doubt that all my readers are magical light creatures feasting on angel dust and plasma energy only, but then again, you are not. I have seen people who wish to “descend” on the Tree of Life, but this is not my recommendation. Start from where you manifest – in Assiyah, on the physical plain.

Malkuth is Kingdom, governed by Planet Earth.

Yesod is Foundation, governed by Moon

Hod is Splendour, governed by Mercury

Netzach is Victory, governed by Venus

Tiphareth is Beauty, governed by Sol

Geburah is Strength, governed by Mars

Chesed is Mercy, governed by Jupiter

Binah is Understanding, governed by Saturn

Chokmah is Wisdom, governed by Neptune

Kether is Crown, governed by Pluto/comets

Write about your journey in the comments!