During my latest Tarot tea salon, I shared a heart-felt story about how I was journeying through the Tree of Life (post) and why this practice is strongly recommended. I didn’t fail to mention that once I got to the end of Geburah, the one sephiroth everyone fears, I sighed with relief and got ready to enjoy Tiphareth about to begin.

But Tiphareth never began. A day before the end of Geburah, I lost my job, was forced to quit my other job, and quite rapidly, my entire life burned down to ashes. Somehow, I lost sight of my spiritual endeavours (especially since I didn’t really have much use for a well-organized Outlook calendar, having no job that required it), and I am ashamed to say I did abandon it.

Back to the tea salon – I shared my story, recommending everyone to go through the journey, and as we were sharing a cigarette later in the night, one of my closest friends looked me in the eye and said, trembling: “Did you finish the spell!?” I was very confused at the beginning. Spell? What spell? What on earth is he on about? 

He said that what I initially did was to create a magical spell in my life and that I will be stuck in Geburah until I finish the entire journey. So here goes! Since Monday, I have been on the road through Tiphareth, trying to appreciate Sun’s energy, embrace beauty and find long-lost balance.

I would like to share some beautiful tiphareths with you from the Tarot world 

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