If you have been following my blog, you have noticed that perhaps I am a wee bit obsessed with Beth over at Little Red Tarot – well, brace yourselves, because another post inspired by her is coming your way! Well, to be quite clear, it is a post inspired by a guest post, namely this one – Little Red Tarot: How to Make a Moonboard, written by Claire with the most inspiring story, her blog can be found here – Woman of Art and Mind

So this amazing woman inspired me to do my own moonboard over the next full moon which is, as you probably know, today! I was going to be all scrapbook-scientist about it, make a cool design and wrap up all my dreams while I smudge my rooms with sage and paste amazing images while listening to Tibetan bell tolls; actually I just sat by the fire, drank Earl Grey (which is the best drink in the Universe, second only to Laphroaig) and slicing cut-outs from all my junk mail. It has been going to my stuff-to-burn-in-the-fireplace crate for months on end, so I had plenty of material to choose from. Finally I can put this garbage to good use!

The result is here:

photo (5)

I’m not superproud of my cut-and-paste skills, but I am very happy with the result. I gave up on the scrapbook-science quite fast and decided to just zone out on the couch while cutting the images out. I let my mind journey where it would, and my hands to choose the images at random. I made a small pile and then started to organize them on the board (I used classic scrapbooking heavy cardstock).

At a certain point, I did almost make a plan, but chose against it and decided my mind to make the full board, so that I could interpret it later. I put all the cutouts on the board and then glued them on with a stick. As a final touch, I pasted the words I wanted to see on the board as well.

Affirming Words 

The word “Kuu” means moon or month (same word here), and I added it to kind of give a title to the board. I also have a plan to hang each moonboard every month, so perhaps that’s why. Upper right corner, you see “Sära. Lenda. Võlu”. Sära means sparkle or radiate or shine (sära is what stars do at night, or what city lights do at night). Lenda means fly. Võlu is the hardest to translate – it means, make magic OR dazzle OR seduce OR bewitch someone. Put a spell on someone, make magic.

Lower left corner, Naudi means Enjoy and Unista means Dream. It seems to me that this month is going to be all about rebirth, oddities, bizarros and why not pull yourself through it all with a little bit of magic and chocolate?

Overall Thoughts 

The right hand figure with those funky afro-braids depicts the Sun – we are all so synced up in the Matrix (the grid on her face with the pentagram) that we believe this is the only way. Our social lives roll around the Sun, our days roll around the Sun, our horoscopes roll around the Sun – we tend to forget about the Moon, although the Moon controls a lot in our lives. We should step out of the Matrix and see the Moon (on the lower left), who offers us wisdom through the owls and illuminates the stars within.

Thank you, Claire, for a wonderful idea!

Post your thoughts and moonboarding ideas below, would love to share this with you!