I have received a few questions recently which initially seemed different, but actually fall under the same category so I thought I would reply them all in a post. To be clear – I’m not a beaded-curtain purple-velvet stereotype fortune teller and I prefer red wine glasses to crystal balls when scrying, and some of my seekers and blog readers have been wondering about other spiritual practices in my life. Share yours in the comment section!

How long have you been practising Tarot? What do you use it for? 

Tarot has been a part of my life for 15 years (probably even longer), I have been obsessed with it since I was a child. I don’t earn a living with Tarot reading, but I do read professionally – face-to-face and online. For myself, I use Tarot sparingly; I’m not one to use daily draws or pull cards to decide on my evening meal. When I do pull, it is for something serious or relevant and I make it into a little ritual.

For others, I don’t read sparingly. I read to anyone at any occasion whenever anyone asks. I read casually and epically, at formal events and at trolley stations, on my lap in a bus and in the forest while hiking. I don’t have anything against predictive divination, but I tend to use Tarot more for self-empowerment, shadow work, therapeutic consultation and the likes.

Do you use any other divination tools? 

Read previous answer – I don’t think Tarot is a divination tool, per se. I do use Nordic runes, dowsing (silver pendulum and mineral pendulum), sometimes scrying, Lenormand… But all this is only when I actually divinate, which is not often at all. I like surprise in my life!

Are you religious? 

There used to be a social network called Orkut years ago, which allowed you to reply this with “No, but I’m spiritual”. I live in a country that has been tried to be Christened for 800 years by several different nations (mainly the Germans) and we are still the most atheist in the EU, so no, I’m not institutionally religious. I guess you could call Estonians pagans, since we believe in trees, sacrifice flowers to forest fairies and keep salt under our sink. This is just something that comes with blood.

On my bookshelf (wall), there is one shelf for different scriptures. Not only Quran, the Holy Bible and other hyperfamous texts, but also the Satanic Bible, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and others. There is something to learn from all of them.

Should you ask for an actual system that I feel most comfortable with, I would have to go with Crowley’s Thelema – I am self-initiate to the Golden Dawn. And I follow the Wheel of the Year. And sometimes, when I feel like it, I pray myself through 10 religions

Do you smudge? 


Do you drink/do drugs? Are you a vegetarian? 

I do enjoy quality alcohol – a good, well-aged Bordeaux with my food; local micro-brewed beer; a glass of Laphroaig with a good cigar – so yes.

do not do drugs, in fact I strongly oppose all drugs (including weed or other, ahem “medicinal” plants). I believe your mind is capable of anything they could bring you, and more.

I don’t drink coffee, but not as a statement – I’m hooked on Earl Grey tea. But sometimes after a really good dinner, I like to have an espresso with Limoncello.

I am not a vegetarian. Fish is a vegetable. Chicken is half-vegetable. I like steak and Scotch.

Have you ever had a lucid dream? 

Yes, plenty.

Do you pray? 


Do you do yoga? 

I don’t do Yoga, actually to be honest I am not terribly physically active. Western spirituality has always been more about brain gymnastics than actual gymnastics. I do like to walk, though, and I like to swim. If someone forces me to do anything, it’s my best friend and brother-from-another-mother M, who takes me discgolfing in the forest.

What kind of creativity do you manifest in your life? 

I try to  be creative in anything I do and I believe it is extremely important to “create” something on a daily basis. Not as a chore, but just… often. I draw, paint, cut-and-paste stuff, decorate my walls, rearrange furniture, cook nice dishes, do ceramics, buy-lots-of-handicraft-stuff-to-make-jewellery-but-never-do-it, crochet stuff (ok, start to crochet stuff and quit mid-way – honestly, I WILL finish that shawl one day), write novels, write short stories, write music, play my electric organ, play the piano in empty dark churches, sing in the park, draw in the sand, devise poems…

I’m not particularly good at any of that stuff, but it helps you to be grounded and utilize your inner landscapes. It’s fun, it’s healthy and most of all – it makes you happy.

What about spirituality in YOUR lives? Do you do anything special? Do you have any more questions? Post in the comments!