Samhain is almost here (although those who wish to follow actual lunar movements should celebrate it on the 7th this year, calendar can be found HERE, and as always, there is just little time to tie the knots of the ending year.

I wanted to pull a card for the sabbath weekend, but was unable to do so as my Sacred Rose is very talkative lately and keeps spitting out cards. The one I gathered from the floor this time was the Three of Pentacles

He is a student, an apprentice, proud of his work (and what he can achieve in the future). He has a nifty toolbelt, chisel in his hand and he is ready to go. Look at the background, though – he stepped in through the trees straight from the Cosmos, ready to take it all in, be a student for the Master.

Johanna calls this card The Works. 

[…]proudly before us holding the tools of his trade. He has carved pentacles of the branches of the tree behind him. Skill and ability are rewarded. A situation is handled with craftmanship. A favourable new project is initiated. Gain is possible 

Well, that definitely suits me well – I have quite a hefty plan for Saturday, and crafts has been the keyword of the entire week.

made this awesome moonboard, I tried out some colouring options for the Majors in my upcoming deck, the Tarot of Transcendence, I completed two flash journals (which I will post about soon), I started yet another journal – I’m all for crafting!

On Saturday, I will be hosting another episode from my Dungeons & Dragons campaign – what a fun way to celebrate Samhain together with close friends!

I am also planning to do a yearly spread, and I will probably make a cool board project out of that as well to hang on a wall to look at for the entire year (let’s hope there will not be many ugly cards!). Instead of months, I will probably go with different moon phases (so 13 cards instead of 12 – for each full moon).
Tough choice for the deck, though.

I will definitely take a ritual bath and steam bath with some oils, as cleansing is an important part of moving on to the new year

In the night, it is probably a good idea to do some ancestor work as well – although I might move that onto the 1st of November, when it is the Estonian Day of the Souls.

To be quite honest, I am actually thinking to forward the nature-based rituals such as candle cleansing, smudging or ritual bath to the 7th of November. Or I will just do it this weekend! Never know, I mean, I did pull the Tower for this week – everything will be anew!

What are your plans for the change of year? Are you planning on doing a special spread?