An attentive reader perusing my blog would have noticed that whereas I have written about journeying on the Tree of Life, making it extremely clear how important it is to follow the exact process to detail, my birth chart Uranus effect kicks in again.

When I started (thanks to my friend), I was adamant at starting that same day and to spend 40 days and 40 nights that were left on my path to become a better human being. Surely, that was exactly what I was doing – instead of moving from Geburah to Chesed (4), I went to… well, Tiphareth.  Because who travels from the material realm up to the Holy Light? No-no. But I trust my instincts so it seems that I made it half way to the Crown this time and I must return home first.

So, this week (until Sunday), I will be travelling in the nebulous Netzach.

On most depictions of the Tree of Life (especially the esoteric/Hermetic Kabbalah renditions), Netzach is titled “Victory” from Hebrew. It does, however, mean also Eternity, but sincerity, permanence, and other things as well. It appears in the Bible often to depict hardship followed by reward (the testing of faith of Job etc). Netzach is about resilience, endurance and the willingness to follow your path and passions. Netzach is acting upon God’s will, being the leader, berserking into a wild battle.

In the Major Arcana, we see Netzach in the Chariot. Again, very often we hear the interpretation “Triumph! Victory! Success”, while it is not correct. The Chariot represents trying to steer a chariot which is carried by two steeds who go to opposite directions. It is, yes, about rushing into battle, but it is not a parade. It is a test. Triumph through struggle.

As far as the spheres go symbolically speaking, Netzach is the sephiroth which feeds our unconscious desires through Yesod to manifest in Malkuth.

Netzach is governed by the angel Haniel, is coloured emerald and welcomes the Elohim – the Gods. It is governed by the planet Venus and the metal copper. Burn rose and lavender incense.

Throughout the elements, we get the idea of the “corrupted triumph” across the sevens in the Minor Arcana; Thoth calls out “debauchery!” in the Cups, describing external splendour and inner corruption. Johanna Gargiulo writes about trying to find an easy way out in the Sacred Rose Seven of Swords. You are the master of your own destiny, Marie White writes in her Landscapes of the Abyss, about the Seven of Pentacles. Pray to God, but row for the shore. 

The loti in the cups in the Seven of Cups have rotten and become toxic in the Thoth deck

What will you do with the chaos in your hand? Marie White asks in her Mary-El Tarot

This man will not face what is pointing at him in the Sacred Rose Tarot of Johanna Gargiulo