I would love to link this post to the previous one I wrote about Hod, but WordPress has kindly updated its text editor – because if something works, you must fix it! For some reason, they did not think it would be a good idea to also update the “link to blog content” function, because let’s be honest – who in the blogging community would like to link to previous posts? There is nothing interesting about your life, stop cross-referencing. Like that time when I wrote about… Yeah, you get the point.

Aside from the venting, Hod was supposed to be about magic and sparks, so let’s see…

On Friday 13th, I held another tarot tea salon (this would be a good place to link stuff), this time about the topic of shadow work. I will write a separate post about it as well. There was tea, there was wine, there were shards as I shattered one of the glasses, there were colourful chalk fingerprints all over my drawing room, from sketching the Tree of Life on the blackboard – there was magic alright.

Over the weekend, I flew to Denmark