In the Estonian language, there is no difference between the words “month” and “moon”, and our lunar calendar is practically the same as the Celtic one, including the names. November’s full moon, the Mourning Moon, is called “kooljakuu” (cawl-yah-coo) and translates literally into the Moon of the Dead. As I have written here, November is a time for the departed and the spirits – and so it has been.

Last Friday, my dear ferret Peko went to sleep in his purple woollen blanket, and never woke up again, after being diagnosed on Thursday with the final stages of lymphoma cancer. We buried him on Saturday morning, as the sun came out only for the time of burial, to give way to the first snow of the year. The rock crystal I had put next to him became cloudy and covered in scratches just a day before.

Today, one of the candles on the mantelpiece starting heavily flickering and, once my hammock started swinging too, I decided to pull a card to see what was going on, why the candle was flickering. This is what I pulled:


I put a few of his favourite treats next to the candle, in case he came home to say goodbye.

started moonboarding last full moon and promised to keep the tradition up. So today, just like last time, I spent some quality time ripping apart and cutting into pieces some of the glossy magazines that still find their way into our mailbox, even though we have a sticker that should banish them.

This is the result:

photo (8)

I found this amazing idea in this guest post by Claire Sauer on Little Red Tarot, and as I described before, I don’t think or plan while I’m moonboarding, rather I go into a meditative state and let my hands to what they wilt. Half-way through, I put on Ceremonials from Florence + the Machine. Has been a long time since I listened to that album.

I used the vintage elevator button piece as kind of a portal to another world. Death means transformation, and the trees shed their leaves to take a moment of recuperation before blooming again. Now, when we have shed everything from he past (funny thing – I also finally got rid of my company that I had with my ex this week), we can finally create our future. So the very large words, MAAGIA AEG (mah-gee-yah-ah-ehg), mean “The Time for/off/belonging to Magic”.

The elevator buttons represent different choices you can make. I noticed that above the buttons there is a similar figure from the last moonboard, kind of like a face with funny hair (this time, golden rays), but the face part is empty, kind of leading us into a world of stars.

The choices on the buttons are:

Kodu (koh-doo) – Home

Valgus (vahl-goose) – Light

Soovid (saw-veed) – Wishes

Lumi (lou-mee) – Snow

Maailm (mah-ealm) – World

Maagia (mah-gee-yah) – Magic

Sära, ä is like the “a” in “sad”, (säh-rah) – Sparkle, Radiance

Legend (leh-ghend) – Legend

The tiny text on the bottom is: Elu on ilus. Leia oma tee õnnele. No letter like “õ” in English, so Eh-lou on ee-loos. Ley-ah aw-mah teh õn-neh-leh

Life is beautiful. Find your path to joy.