Summer has begun. cycles are coming to an end, new ones are beginning and the air is ripe with change.

I have been going through my decks for a couple of days now, trying to figure out which one to use or which reading – understanding that I have been taking it a little bit too seriously. To have a bit of fun, I will be doing a “Presidential Elections 2016” Lenormand reading, drawing a trio for each upcoming month. Let’s not take it too seriously, but it would be immense fun to look back at later! Leave your observations in the comments. 

There goes!

June 2016 – Cross – Ring – Snake 

Difficult commitment, difficult contract, commitment or contract involving a woman.

Clearly this signifies Hillary being appointed as the Democrat’s candidate; but it also voices the severity of the moment, it is not made without woe. The theme revolves around the making of the commitment.

July 2016 – Ring – Cross – Stork

Difficult, painful relationship. Destined change.

Since the cards reflect on the June situation, I would say that this is again about Hillary; her as the candidate of Democrats causes friction. July brings a very principial, destined change in the elections.

August 2016 – Snake – Fish – Heart 

Woman receives money, financial trouble, acquisition, business growth

Hillary receives funding, which unfortunately is not acquired in the best of ways (or is connected to a murky merger?). Someone is getting a lot richer where they are not supposed to.

September 2016 – Book – Ship – Child 

Secret trip, international studies, foreign child, new journey

Perhaps this is about Donald? Anyway we will be hearing of a secret trip and a love child (or possibly a love child of the children of one of the candidates). Good old “boarding school” or “summer in Monaco” trick.

October 2016 – Scythe – Rider – Message 

Sudden message, cut, documents, messages

Harsh, clear cut – maybe some documents leak out? Letters? This month is only about the message (literally a message: document, fax, e-mail, letter or the like). But it has immense impact and will perform a clear cut through the campaign.

November 2016 – Garden – Bouquet – Mountain

Happy event, public popularity, outdoorsy, happiness to come slowly

The initial joy of being elected will dissipate soon, as the winning candidate quickly learns that it will be a very tough, hard path.


Hillary – Stork – Lily – Fox 

Older man causes change, personal reaching of maturity, long-term job, sexual problems

Won’t be elected, but is offered a job.

Donald – Mountain – Ring – Clouds 

Lonely relationship, duty, uncertain agreement, suspicious contract

Gets elected, but faces strife – no allies left, must learn to work with people, learns that what he has accepted is not actually what he thought it would be etc