I decided to re-bring into life the monthly card tradition, as I shall be covering each card separately until December.

The deck I use for the “year wheel” is Mary-El Tarot, which is an absolutely insane deck, highly recommended to anyone. The card I pulled for June was the King of Cups, Fire of Water, Poseidon.

Image via New Paths Tarot blog, art by Marie White from Mary-El Tarot  

This is a card of drunken gods. When we are submerged, there will be no more gravity, no direction, no sounds. This card governs our subconscious, our dreams. Everything has a meaning.

June has always been a dreamy month for me (it is also my birthday month). Reality seems disparate and spirits accessible; the moon calls out to me and I often wander forgotten paths. Intoxication from summer wine, from elderberry flowers, from the lush nature. Everything is illuminated. The waters are wet.