Inspired by what I tried to do with the US Presidential elections, I thought about doing a reading regarding Brexit about a week ago. While I usually only read for deep, personal, insightful questions, it is great practice to read for situations that are real and tangible and provide very concrete answers.

I chose Tarot of Vampyres as the deck, since that’s one of the only decks I feel provide harsh, unencumbered truths in time of despair. I rarely read with the physical deck (even though I even crocheted a Tarot bag for it), but I love the deck to bits for what it has to offer – the book, the story, the deeper understanding of how our passions and desires work. For me, this is a highly sexual deck, but in a very cold way. It represents the animal urge, the want for a release, and a calculated passion that of a predator.

With Brexit, that was exactly the type of energy I was going for. I wasn’t interested in what will happen to the EU or to the financial world; the “imminent end to the Western Civilisation” left me quite uninterested. I wanted to know about the people, and how the vote will turn out. What will people do with Brexit? How will the vote turn out? These types of answers.

Another important note: I don’t really use reversals, except some defined cases or with certain decks – with Vampyres I always do, as Ian Daniels shares my view of what a reversal is, our ideas match pretty closely; so instead of being the mere “opposite” of whichever card, a reversal symbolises the shadow side of that energy or meaning. I have had some pretty harsh readings with those.

I pulled a very simple three-card spread of “past influences” (what got us here?), what drives us to the future, and what is the situation. What a chatty spread it was!

The first card was the Shadow Ace of Sceptres. From that first card on, I already knew where it was going.

Tarot of Vampyres – Ace of Scepters (Ian Daniels)

The moment I saw this card, it said “powerlessness” to me. The feeling of being trapped; being full of energy but unable to act on it; the yearn for new beginnings, but feeling trapped, hopeless, lost – powerless. The instinct was spot on, as Daniels himself notes “feeling powerless, frustrations, reluctance, lack of enthusiams, failure, old worn out ideas, destruction though exaggeration (!!!), arrogance, fatigue, inferiority complex”. (I have left some out).

I think all of those aspects spoke of Brexit, so from that card on I was certain that the vote is going to be for Brexit. But let’s look further.

Tarot of Vampyres – Star (Ian Daniels)

The Star for me has always symbolised new hope. It seems to whisper “have faith” as it guides you through life. Daniels notes liberation, promise, rejuvenation, things unseen… and siren songs! Yes, absolutely this could be something that drives Brexit towards its resolution.

And the current situation:

Tarot of Vampyres – Nine of Knives (Ian Daniels)

Taking control of our destiny. Facing our demons. Atonement. Change through torment. Difficult lessons leading to wholeness. Nightmares. A final test.

The votes were counted tonight and the results announced early in the morning.

The Vampyres were definitely right this time.