The Wildwood Tarot was an order for my June package, together with some other beautiful decks and in companion with the Druidcraft. I wasn’t expecting to have a huge connection with the deck – I have had the app for a while and although I find it a beautifully executed piece of Tarot wonders, I prefer other kinds of decks.

Well, at least that’s what I thought.

I fell in love the minute the cards came out of the box; in less than 24 hours I had already trimmed them (oh, how they scream for trimming!), honestly these cards just want to go and get muddy in the bog or rolled around on some moss in a pinewood.

I have had a couple of readings with them – did a Pathway Spread and the Tree spread about my career, ended up with some really deep stuff. This deck does NOT like to play aroun



d! Actually, I get a very dark, primal vibe from it, like – “tread lightly!”. Warning signs should be used with this one. Whoever thinks that it is just a beautiful image gallery of swans and otters, consider yourself warned. This deck will strip you to your core.

In fact, as I was playing around with some Tarot constellation work, I got so confused about the Devil – which, as someone who has been actively reading for 15 years, was quite scary in itself so I embarked on a journey to understand the Devil better. I was very excited to do a deck interview, and here is what I got:

photo (15)

Well, that’s pretty gloomy, isn’t it?

Your main characteristic: Five of Stones. Endurance.

Five of Stones in Wildwood-world is the equivalent for Five of Pentacles. I mean… Here is an excerpt from the book: Nobody said it was fair. There will be trials, and there will be harsh challenges. Lie is a contact sport and there will be bruises. It reminds me of how my maternal grandmother always says, Life is a battle won by the strong. 

I get it. It is a tough deck. Learn how to take a punch. But also, it teaches you the basics of survival. Even when weary, thunderstorms raging and cracking rocks over your head, there will be a comforting fire. Right?

Your Strengths: Seven of Vessels. Mourning. 

This is a time to honour what is dead. Alright, so the strength of the deck is to pinpoint the things that are dead, and then offer insight to heal during the time of ridding yourself from those things.

Your limits: Queen of Arrows. Swan. 

Swan song! Again with the mourning, death, letting go… Here the author explains, it is important to remain honest. Deliver the ugly truth. So the limitation of the deck is that it doesn’t really spare you. Truth must be spoken.

What are you here to teach me? Journey (Death). 

As the book itself says, it is the time to face the inevitable and let the bones be laid bare, acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. 

How can we best collaborate? Four of Vessels (Boredom). 

Challenge should not be feared. Ask of the Universe, and the Universe will reply. However, there is an interesting aspect here as well – if you are not happy with choices, and become a “black hole of despair”, several choices will be flung towards your path. So here it also means – take it easy, take your time, see the opportunities already here within this deck, don’t juggle decks.

Outcome? Queen of Stones. Bear. 

Not to waste resources. Learning to take care of things. Preserve things wisely. Make things better.


I think I will work with this deck come winter. In its seeming beauty and natural folly, it is an incredibly tough and even seemingly hostile – which is apparently exactly what I need right now. Harsh truth will set the healing process to its move.

photo 1

Thoughts that Usually Go Into Reviews 

My preferred method of reviewing a Tarot deck is through an interview, but here are some classic review points as well, should anyone have found this deck via Tui Tarot.


  • I was a little taken aback by the odour coming from the deck, very heavy chemical smell. I can’t tell if it was the book or the cards, both have it anyway. I have smudged the cards with some sage so it is getting better now
  • I very much dislike the copyright statement on BOTH let and right sides of the card backings. It seems completely unnecessary and ruins the otherwise minimalist design. I trimmed my cards – and honestly, it was partly due to that horrific copyright claim.
  • Would appreciate a little bit of an explanation as to why certain cards or creatures were chosen, what their symbolic attributions are etc. The book is very well done and I feel it has a lot of use, but it was very confusing for me in the beginning (King of Bows – Adder felt like King of Swords to me, then I found out that it was King of Wands. Alright. And Why?). 


  • I am absolutely in love with this deck. I don’t know why, I cannot explain it, but it touches me in a completely different way – primal, naturalistic, but a little bit Loki as well; trickstery, lush, dark, wild. Absolutely love it.
  • Very good cardstock. I am a horrible shuffler and this is the part of the process I enjoy the least – with Wildwood, after trimming, I am kind of capable of doing some shuffling 🙂
  • The artwork is stunning, the scenes are very inviting. Even the scenes that don’t seemingly have that much “going on” (like the Queen of Stones) – they make you think, they inspire, they give you ideas, thoughts, feelings… Emotions! Yes, this deck is filled with feelings and reactions. It trully is like taking a walk in the forest.