My plan is to do some shadow work this autumn, and Harvest Moon is a wonderful opportunity for transitioning from the pastel/nature decks of summer (I’m thinking Wildwood, Shadowscapes etc) into the dark decks for October and November.

What I plan to use over the next moon:


Vision Quest Tarot 

I actually got the Vision Quest as an app (it’s no secret that I am in love with Fool’s Dog apps and I have almost all of them), as I wanted to learn more about the Native American lore. The images really struck me, they resonate on a primal level and the artwork seemed so… authentic somehow. Not more than it needs to be, not less, just exactly right. The imagery is quite primitive when you look from afar, but if you focus, they will really draw you in. I want to meditate with these cards, I want to do pathworking, go on a shamanic journey… Very trippy cards, and perfect, absolutely perfect for the Harvest Moon

As an added bonus, you get to learn about another culture and get a fresh perspective. The LWB is considerably better than usually.