Archeon Tarot with Fallen Angels Oracle

Archeon Tarot is one of my most favourite decks and it lends so well to autumn, with the colours, symbols and general darkness. I have two copies – the standard edition and the big-box edition. I used to have another copy, but I gifted it to a friend.

Last year, I had very intense shadow work with this deck, and will most probably do it again this year.

The Fallen Angels Oracle is a really interesting oracle deck that brings messages from, well, fallen angels. The artwork is airy and surreal, featuring photographs from London’s famous Nunhill cemetery.

I have edged my copy of the Archeon in black ink, will probably edge the Fallen Angels Oracle as well.

Archeon Tarot with Fallen Angels Oraclex

Zombie Tarot with Halloween Oracle

To have some fun! Maybe do some novelty readings for friends, or promotional public readings. To be honest, however funny the Zombie Tarot might be and however kitschy the backings on the Halloween Oracle (really, what in the world were they thinking?), both of these decks pack an intense punch.

I used Halloween Oracle in a reading for a friend who had troubles with her autistic son. The support card for the reading was Werewolf – and indeed he had just had an episode over the full moon. Spooky!


Original Rider Waite Smith with Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand

Been using this deck a lot in September, not quite sure why – RWS is definitely not one of my favourites. For some reason, I tend to use it in autumn, when you add Pixie’s Astounding, I must admit, it feels cosy and home. Gives extremely clear readings. I remember my reading for “who will be our next president” and the result was the Queen of Wands. Go and look what the Original RWS Queen of Wands looks like, and now go look at a portrait of our new president…

I have trimmed both the Tarot and the Lenormand deck, without corner rounding.

Steampunk Tarot with maybe Oracle of Visions?

Steampunk Tarot is one of those novelty decks for me, I thought it’s a fun idea and had heard a lot of good things about the book. It was sitting on my shelf for months, when I finally decided to start to use it. When I first went through the deck, I was trully, trully surprised. The artwork is stunning and the images are so…clever. One example of particular finesse is the Three of Swords, where the swords are stuck in a heart-shaped machine, blocking the gears and cogs from moving. The message is clear: once we remove the pain, the machine will start working again!

I don’t really own that many oracles, but it seemed to me that perhaps Oracle of Visions could work. It is an exquisite oracle from one of my favourite Tarot artists, Ciro Marchetti.


Tarot of Vampyres with Victoria Frances Gothic Oracle

I probably won’t work with this deck in autumn, but shift it to the winter season – or maybe during the darkest time, end of November through December, where everything decays and dies. I love the deck, and I used it for daily draws for months with my old phone (Fool’s Dog app), and the book is fantastic. I don’t pick this deck up enough!

Victoria Frances Oracle is just… wow. I am extremely, extremely fascinated with this oracle. I don’t recall any other deck that shows this much emotion, just look at the expressions on the women! Wonderful!


Deviant Moon Tarot 

Classic deck for this season. I own the borderless version, got to say I never really got around to working with this deck. But hey – I try every year! Will use it for a really haunting reading. Or maybe do the moon spread (I recall there was a huge moon spread in the LWB).