Over this autumn,  I have been trying to use seasonal decks. Thus far, I have been working with the Original RWS together with Pixie, mostly doing readings for others (in person and online), and also some fortunetelling, for example for the presidential elections in Estonia etc.

I have also used the Archeon Tarot a little bit, will do some shadow work with it next week. One of my absolute favourite decks, especially for shadow work. I have also been playing around with the Steampunk, only did one reading with it to a friend (quite a harsh one at that), and considered it a good idea to do a general weekly reading with it for next the next week, 24th to 30th of October 2016.

Well, this is going to be quite an interesting week. The cards that came up were VI The Lovers, V The Hierophant and XVIII The Moon.


A very difficult choice is to be made, there is secret seduction, things happening at out of sight. A lesson to be learned about yourself. When so many majors appear in a reading, it is clearly a sign of some major events happening, and we can’t really control them, rather accept the lesson that they offer.

What does Barbara say about this?

The Lovers represents choice, “making a decision that makes your heart glad”. She emphasises the importance of love, and what it means to make the right decision, to find the right person. Interesting synchronicity – right when I was typing up the Lovers card, I got a phone call… that made my heart sing.

The Hierophant represents faith, and the truth of your soul. She explains how the Hierophant acts as a bridge between theory and practice, urging you not to talk the talk, but walk the walk.

The Moon represents the hidden, the dreamy, the fluctuating. What it means depends on what surrounds it.

Next week, it is all about aligning ourselves to the hidden truth, the soul truth, to who we really are.