Deviant Moon is the classic Samhain deck, which no doubt many tarotists use during this time in autumn.

I personally am quite intimidated by this deck – it is truly accurate, and often not in a good sense. It seems unnecessarily cruel at times, and I don’t think I’ve ever received a positive reading with it.

So, let’s see the influences of next week in a small reading. It is the Samhain week (in Estonia, the souls week, we celebrate the Souls Day on the 2nd of November, and the sabbath on the evening of 1st of November). Last year, I wrote about Pre-Samhain Shadow Work to better connect with your ancestors. I will be doing it this year, probably posting results; and I will also be doing some shadow work based on a worksheet by Benebell Wen.

I will be using the Deviant Moon for a three-card spread, plus an added card from Halloween Oracle for the general influence of the week.

Tower – Temperance – 10 of Swords 

Oracle: Forgiveness 

Well, it is quite clear that ruin will happen this week – sudden, unexpected, possibly painful. Balancing our efforts is important now, rearrangements will be made to organise something new out of it.

The fear of change is what really makes us hurt. Temperance is there to remind us that it is only by tempering that we could go strong; it is only through pain and suffering that we grow. Inspiration has its roots in toil.

It is hard to accept these changes or losses, remember that you must forgive whoever brought them to you. Forgive yourself.