I’m definitely a collector at heart, and many decks are in my collection only for art appreciation purpose. I love to collect indie art decks or decks that are somehow odd or even rare.

Though most of my collection is comprised of Tarot decks, I do own other disciplines as well – technically they can all be called oracles (I include Lenormands here as well).

Here are five of my favourite “non-traditional decks”, so Lennies, oracles etc

Mahjong Oracle (OOP)

This is an incredibly beautiful deck of cards, a classic Mahjong (Mah Jongg?) tileset, just in the format of small-sized cards. At 144 cards, it is quite a thick deck, but I always shuffle it in wash, not overhand or riffle. The instructions are quite clear in the companion book that I own, but Mahjong and Oriental divination as a whole requires a different mindset and exploring a different philosophy.

5 Circles, 5 Bamboos and 3 Wan from Mah Jongg Oracle


Jeu de Destin Lenormand 

Hands down, my favourite deck of Lennies. I love the artwork, the inserts and the general authentic feel. It is an incredibly on -the-spot reader as well (this deck correctly predicted both Brexit and Trump, together with the corresponding aftermaths). I use it for concise, definitive answers, so for divination (I rarely use Tarot for fortunetelling or divination).

Some cards from Jeu de Destin Lenormand with pictorial playing card inserts 


Wild Kuan Yin Oracle 

This is a Blue Angel oracle deck by Alana Fairchild – and I own most of her oracle decks, I just love them. The Wild Kuan Yin Oracle, though, is one unlike any other. It feels very different from other decks, taps something very primal on the soul level, and instantly makes me feel airy and light. Aesthetically, I would say the deck is Mongolian, perhaps a little Tibetan. It uses a lot of red. What is interesting, is that some of the cards use landscape format instead of portrait, so you get very dynamic layouts.

Card 13 from Alana Fairchild’s Wild Kuan Yin Oracle (published by Blue Angel)


Animal Spirit Messenger Cards 

This is the first deck in my life that made me journal. I bought a separate journal, printed out the images in small size, and journaled. It is a wonderful, fabulous deck. I have been using it less since I accidentally stained it with red wine (so now some of the images are muddled), but I love the deck to bits. The companion book I don’t really care for – the explanations and insights are usually generic and there is a lot of repetition, but for exploring your inner, primal landscapes, it is one of the best decks out there.

The Illusionist from Sandra Kunz’s Messenger Cards via youranimalspirits.com


Quareia LXXXI Magician’s Deck 

This deck is something different altogether. Very potent, you can definitely “feel” the entities, plus it offers an entire system to be studied with it. Could be frightening for some people, as it forces you to confront some of the deeper personal issues in your life that influence you, but are easy to deny or overlook. A must-have deck for any occultist.

Selection of cards from Quareia LXXXI Magician’s Deck, via quareia.com