While as a Tarot collector I’m a sucker for superhuge decks for art appreciation, I also use mini or pocket decks  for different reasons. I’ve picked five to showcase – let me know which are yours!

Top Reasons for using mini decks include: 

Large spreads become possible even in tight spaces. Have you ever wondered why Lenormand decks are so small? There’s got to be a way to accommodate all 36 cards on a table for that Grand Tableau. I used to do insanely large spreads back in the day that used 20 or more cards, and basically the only possibility was to use the floor. Mini decks give you the chance to use your coffee table as well!

You can carry your decks around easily or have a cute backup version. I really like my large Thoth for studying and/or dramatic readings- however, I wouldn’t want to carry it around all the time. The trimmed pocket version offers great portability and I can still awe at the images when I’m home.

Mini decks are affordable! Collecting Tarot decks can be quite expensive (looking at you, Journey Into Egypt) and if you want to be able to buy a Ceccoli after you just paypaled a hundred bucks for the Baba Alice…Then you can go with mini versions! They will set you back basically nothing.

And obviously, mini decks are so darn cute. 

Thoth (Pocket Trimmed) 

Not officially a mini deck, however if you trim the pocket edition it basically becomes a mini deck. I bought and trimmed it for portability – I have my large edition Thoth at home for studying, I think it was the second or third deck I ever got. Very affordable and useable mini deck – I carry it around in my purse without a bag or box so it’s a little bit tattered, but adorable.


Nicoletta Ceccoli Mini

I am so in love with this deck. I have the standard edition. The oracle. I even have the silk bag. I carry the mini around with me quite a lot – although I wouldn’t read with it for others. This deck lends best to shadow work or any kind of deep emotional themes, including childhood.3/4/17

Motherpeace Mini

Motherpeace is a very special Tarot even in its standard form (which is slightly larger than my mini editon). It is a very feminine deck, and it pictures scenes from different cultures. There are many diverse body types, cultures and ethnicity presented. I rarely use the deck, but whenever I do, it gives me a real upbeat and positive energy. I have written a deck review for the Motherpeace


Golden Klimt Tarot Mini

Golden Klimt was my second or third deck (I think it was my second and Thoth my third), oh how I love it. I have only ever done a handful of readings with it, but I love the imagery and the feel of the deck. The mini comes in a wonderful little sturdy box (perfect for carrying around) and the tiny size somehow makes the gilding even more dramatic. A must-buy!


…last but not least we have the

Rosetta Tarot in a Tin

Everything MM Meleen does is pure magic, and so is her Rosetta. Aleister, forgive me, but I feel it’s a better Thoth than Thoth. I carry this tin around with me everywhere I go and it has given me insanely accurate, spot-on readings. I love the energy of this deck deeply.