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About TuiTarot

Welcome to Tui Tarot!

I started TuiTarot as a collective name for all things Tarot – organising tea salons, seminars, deck design, offering readings… This blog here is to record series about different Tarot topics (shadow work, Tarot and Kabbalah, soul searching etc) and also as the online home of the Tarot of Transcendence (currently in the works).

What does TUI mean?

TUI means two things:

First of all, it comes from inTUItion, as I believe this is the most important aspect of Tarot, no matter what you use it for.

Secondly, it is an abbreviation of Tarot User Interface – I believe that Tarot is best experienced like a UI of some sort, where you navigate intuitively, look around, and experience whatever it has to offer.

Who is Delinfrey?

written in autumn 2015

I have read cards since I was a child, but I guess it would be fair to count 15 years as relevant experience. I tend to tie my Tarot practice with a lot of other traditions, especially Kabbalah or Futhark runes.

I prefer to use Tarot as a holistic tool, using it for counselling, pathworking and shadow work. For slap-in-the-face divination, I prefer to use Lenormand.

I am currently working on a hand-drawn monochrome Tarot deck, the Tarot of Transcendence which I plan to complete in 2016.

I live in a beautiful Nordic country where you can see Nordic lights, experience four (sometimes five) seasons and pick blueberries in the vast forests and bogs. I live together with a domestic partner and a ferret named after a beer god, spending most of my evenings writing, drawing or reading in a hammock in front of my fireplace.

My Tarot Decks (alphabetically arranged) 



Archeon Tarot
Archeon Tarot Box Edition
Deviant Moon Borderless Tarot
Dreams of Gaia Tarot
Dreaming Way Tarot
Druidcraft Tarot
Fountain Tarot 2x
Gilded Tarot
Golden Klimt Tarot
Golden Tarot (Liz Dean, Estonian version)
Golden Visconti-Sforza Tarot (Dutch version)
Haindl Tarot
Hermetic Tarot
Hidden Realms
Housewives Tarot
Japaridze Tarot
Large RWS
Le Tarot Noir
Legacy of the Divine
Lost Code of Tarot
Morgan Greer
Morgan Greer (tin)
Motherpeace Tarot
New Orleans Voodoo
Nicoletta Ceccoli (with bag)
Original RWS
Osho Zen Tarot
Prisma Visions 1st edition
Röhrig Tarot (original nude 1st edition)
Röhrig Tarot (pocket-size Spanish edition)
Sacred Rose Tarot
Sakki Sakki Tarot
Shadowscapes Tarot
Shaman Tarot (Chilean version)
Sirian Starseed Tarot
Steampunk Tarot
Tarot Apokalypsis
Tarot Illuminati
Tarot of Sidhe
Tarot of Silicon Dawn
Tarot of Zirkus Mägi (limited 1st edition)
Thoth (large greenbox)
Tiny Universal RWS
Vision Quest
Wild Unknown 1st edition
Wild Unknown 2nd edition
William Blake Tarot (1st edition)

All decks are available as choices when you book a reading with me!



One thought on “About TuiTarot

  1. First of all I love your name!!! Secondly I wish I could come pick blueberries, your home sounds beautifully calming :). And last but not least I am so very jealous of your ferret, I’ve wanted a ferret friend for so many years but unfortunately I still live at home and my parents have never allowed it!!

    I very much look forward to reading your blog 🙂


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