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Tarot of Transcendence

Devil Empress High Priestess Moon Star Temperance

Tarot of Transcendence is a hand-drawn self-published limited edition Tarot deck by the artist Delinfrey, going to be published in 2016.

About the Artist 

Delinfrey started to read and study Tarot already in the 90’s and has a vast experience in different spiritual traditions connected to Tarot, especially Kabbalah. She prefers using Tarot for counselling, pathworking and shadow work. She teaches seminars and organizes Tarot tea salons, and gives personal counselling with Tarot and Lenormand. 

How did you get inspiration for the deck? 

I have always been intrigued by technology, especially the influence of technology in our lives. In 2012, I became obsessed with studying the movement of Transcendence anthropologically – so many people followed the principle that come Apocalypse, we would “transcend”, kind of become aware of ourselves in a larger sense. That triggered a thought – what if it has already happened? What if we are just a computer glitch that became aware of itself? 

From there on, it is obviously quite easy to draw the parallel with the AIs (artifical intelligence – ed.) of today. If they become self-aware, we will be rendered into Gods. We will be carbon beings, creating silica beings. So the Transcendence we are looking for, will not come from us, but through our creation. By being born, self-aware technology will make Gods of us. 

Who are the creatures in the deck? 

Who are you? It is hard to say. When I started, I had a clear and very binary idea of the creatures in the deck. They would be tech-based on on side (androids, cyborgs, robots etc) and humans on the other side. Good vs evil, black vs white. But as I started to draw, what came through was something inherently more complex. I realized I cannot actually define a human being. And what is more important, being a human or human being? How do you explain humanity? They have SIM-cards in their wombs and hard-wiring on their hearts, bar coded like supermarket raviolis. But does that make them inanimous objects? Likewise, the Star is merely a naked woman, free from anything technological. The force-field gate in front of her tells us that she can open the gate, follow the Star and delve into the ocean. But is she human? 

What prompted the changes in the cards? 

To be honest, in the beginning I was going with the classic Major Arcana titles (with VIII as Justice and XI as Strength), but the creation process overwhelmed me and the cards started to lead their own lives. It was clear for me very soon that I will have an Architect instead of the Magician and the Cube instead of the Hierophant; but the archetypes are still the same. 

Why monochrome? 

There will be a coloured “artist edition”  available as well; but I feel that the line art works best in monochrome and it gives it a cabley-feeling. Not to mention black-and-white is very binary, and this Tarot is a depiction of the binary Matrix where we all live. 

My hope is that people will colour the cards in, or copy them and colour them in their journals or as art projects. You create your own reality, so I was hoping to give the users as much creative freedom as possible.


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